Change of any kind begins with small sustainable steps. 

It may be changes in the environment, health, eating habits or helping others. 

We work towards instilling these concepts in every part of our lives. 

Uncle Scott's 

All Natural 

Root Beer

was created in this spirit to provide a pure & simple treat for you to enjoy!


Just herbs, spices and pure cane sugar

That's it.

All ingredients that you can pronounce and are natural.

Uncle Scott's Ingredients

      No high fructose corn syrup

      No artificial ingredients

      No artificial preservatives 












Filtered carbonated water, pure cane sugar, vanilla, cinnamon oil, natural caramel, birch and cherry extract, licorice root oil, anise oil and natural gum arabic.



To find a store or restaurant that carries Uncle Scott's in your area, call or email us.

We will be glad to help.

If your favorite store is not carrying Uncle Scott's yet,

please request that they do and pass on our information.



Gluten Free
Caffeine Free
Pure Cane Sugar
Very Low Sodium